At Least 13 Dead as Fire Rages Through Fairmount Philadelphia Housing Authority Apartments

January 4, 2022

The 800 block of North 23rd Street faced a deadly fire in the early hours of January 5th, 2022. At least 13 residents of the Philadelphia Housing Authority building have already been found dead, and early reports state that at least 7 of those are children. This is one of the worst fires in decades to hit this Fairmount neighborhood and firefighters are still dealing with the aftermath. Philadelphia Deputy Fire Commissioner Craig Murphy was quoted through as saying, "It was terrible, I've been around for 35 years now and this is probably one of the worst [fires] I've ever been to. We plan on making sure that this tremendous loss of life did not happen in vain.” Crews were finally able to get the fire under control around 7:30 am, and multiple victims were transported to the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, as well as Temple University Hospital. 

The location of the fire was near the 800 block of North 23rd Street in Fairmount.

Still, the number of fatalities remains dynamic, according to Craig Murphy, as there is still recovery efforts being made throughout the building. He had also commented that at least four smoke detectors were not working during the fire. As far as the actual cause of the fire - investigations are still underway.

Does The Philadelphia Housing Authority Have A History of Fires in Their Buildings?

The Philadelphia Housing Authority (or PHA) was founded back in 1937, and is the nation's fourth largest public housing authority. In total, they administer over 12,800 public housing units throughout Philadelphia. Certainly as with any housing unit fires are an unfortunate reality that are often out of the control or any housing authority. Still, there have been multiple fire-related incidents in PHA housing - including a fire at a vacant PHA building in Center City in 2020, as well as reports of fires in one of the PHA's last surviving towers. Only after a thorough investigation by the Fire Department will more details emerge on the cause of this deadly Fairmount fire.

Were You or a Loved One Hurt or Fatally Injured By This Fairmount Fire?

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