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$2 Billion+ in Recoveries.
$500 Million+ in Verdicts.

Serious injury and wrongful death cases require experience, expertise, resources and dedication to protect your family and your future. Our results speak for themselves. McEldrew Purtell has a proven track record of maximizing recovery for our clients.

Medical Malpractice Results

$13.3 Million

Birth injury lawsuit because the ob/gyn failed to promptly deliver 26-week pre-term twin infants in the face of chorioamnionitis resulting in neurological damage.

$7 Million

46-year-old man who suffered aortic artery damage during spinal surgery (L4-L5 laminectomy), resulting in nerve damage and necessitating extensive surgical repair.

$6.6 Million

Birth injury settlement.

$3.5 Million

Settlement for failure to diagnose a perforated intestine.

$3.5 Million

Settlement for failure to diagnose sepsis.

$3.25 Million

16-year-old patient with Down’s syndrome who suffered cardiopulmonary arrest while in treatment for leukemia.

$3.2 Million

Settlement in case with IV infiltrate leading to amputation of fingers.

$2.75 Million

NJ Wrongful Death settlement in a cervical cancer pap smear case.

$2.5 Million

Settlement on behalf of a 28-year-old woman who required emergency surgery and had permanent medical issues after a doctor failed to diagnose a huge disc herniation which evolved into cauda equina syndrome.

$2 Million

Fetal Death settlement

$2 Million

Medical Malpractice settlement

$2 Million

Settlement on behalf of the family of a 55-year-old man who was misdiagnosed with gastritis at the emergency room and died overnight at home.

$1.8 Million

Jury verdict when a hospital delivered a child with mild cerebral palsy after they failed to transfer the mother to another facility.

$1.65 Million

Jury verdict against an operating physician, rehab center internist and physiatrist for a 66-year-old patient who developed an infection from knee replacement surgery and subsequently developed compartment syndrome in rehabilitation.

$1.5 Million

Settlement on behalf of the family of a patient who died after the urologist failed to diagnose bladder cancer.

$1 Million

Settlement for failure to timely deliver a baby under significant fetal distress.

$1 Million

Failure to timely deliver a baby under significant fetal distress.


76-year-old patient who was admitted to the hospital in cardiac arrest and did not receive resuscitation according to the standard of care.

Trucking & Motor Vehicle
Accident Results

$6 Million

Settlement under multiple legal theories on behalf of a police officer who suffered a below-the-knee amputation when he was hit by an uninsured motorist.

$4.5 Million

Settlement when a truck driver, for a company who was not in compliance with safety regulations governing hours of service for drivers, ran a stop sign and crushed the mother of a 5-year-old child.

$3.6 Million

Settlement for a New Jersey truck accident.

$2.9 Million

Settlement for the survivors of a woman killed by a wheel that struck her vehicle after the truck driver failed to properly perform a pre-trip certification and inspection of the wheels.

$1.8 Million

Settlement on behalf of a 43-year-old woman that suffered traumatic injury and disability when her vehicle was struck by a tractor-trailer that crossed the center line.

$16.8 Million

Confidential trucking settlement


Cargo Collapse settlement


Settlement for a passenger in a vehicle hit by an oncoming car when the driver went through a stop sign.


Trucking Settlement


Jury verdict on behalf of a woman who suffered several foot fractures in a rear-end collision.


On behalf of a 56-year-old school teacher who sustained head and cognitive injuries in a traffic accident.

FELA Results

$15.6 Million

Verdict for railroad electrician pinned by spool of wire.

$15 million

Court room settlement

$4.7 Million

Settlement for railroad conductor who suffered electrical shock.

$2.5 Million

$2.5 million for a track worker struck by an oncoming train and immediately killed.

$2.2 Million

For a railroad worker case involving cervical fusion.

$2 Million

FELA settlement

$2 Million

Settlement on behalf of a coach cleaner who sustained electrical burns when the safety catch failed to properly secure the pantograph on top of an MU (Multiple Unit – a type of self-propelled train carriage).

$1.836 Million

Jury verdict for a SEPTA employee who fell on black ice because a SEPTA sub-contractor failed to properly remove the snow and ice.

$1.825 Million

Settlement for a SEPTA conductor that suffered permanent injuries from an electric shock while assisting a passenger.

$1.8 Million

Verdict for railroader who suffered a broken ankle.

$1.6 Million

FELA verdict

$1.6 Million

Verdict on behalf of SEPTA conductor who sustained life-changing injuries from electric shock on the job.

$1.25 Million

For an injured track worker who fell into an excavation ditch.

$1.2 Million

Jury verdict on behalf of an employee who developed kidney disease as a result of long-term exposure to solvent products.

$1.1 Million

Settlement for a SEPTA mechanic struck by a falling airport ladder.

$1 Million

Settlement for a non-operated herniated disc sustained as a result of a fall on oil in a receiving yard.


$950,000 for a flagman who tripped and fell on oil, breaking his foot and requiring multiple surgeries.


Settlement on behalf of a 45-year-old pilot who sustained knee and back injuries in a crane accident.


FELA Settlement


Settlement for a SEPTA electrician suffering a knee injury.


Settlement for a car man who sustained thoracic outlet syndrome as a result of carrying railroad ties without proper equipment.


Settlement under the FELA for a worker injured in a slip and fall at a SEPTA parking lot in the winter.


Settlement under the FELA for back injuries suffered while performing an annual inspection and repair on a steam engine.


For client injured on the job


Settlement for a railroad worker injured in a fall while working on the decking of a bridge.


Jury verdict for track worker who suffered a medial meniscal injury, requiring arthroscopic surgery, while climbing down from a track vehicle in poor light at night.

Catastrophic Injury Results

$4.25 Million

Settlement for a college freshman after a 40-foot fall from a climbing wall during a student orientation activity.

$3.5 Million

Settlement against an insurer who exposed a dentist to an excess verdict of $4 million dollars in a dental malpractice lawsuit over trigeminal nerve damage.

$3.5 Million

$3.5 million on behalf of a toddler suffering permanent cognitive impairment after a three story fall at a hotel in Florida.

Civil Rights Results

$7.5 Million

Settlement in an Illinois police shooting case.

$2 Million

Civil Rights Wrongful Death settlement.

$2 Million

Settlement for a Wrongful Death in Prison.

$2 Million

Settlement in a police shooting case.

$1.6 Million

Civil Rights settlement

$1.5 Million

Civil Rights settlement

$1.25 Million

Civil Rights settlement


Settlement for a woman struck during a police chase.

Nursing & Funeral Home Negligence Results

$1 Million

Montco Nursing Home Negligence matter involving a fall and fracture


Bucks County Nursing Home Negligence matter involving a roll out of bed, hip fracture and untimely death


Montco Nursing Home Negligence matter involving a stage IV pressure ulcer and understaffing

Premises Liability & Negligent Security Results

$8.5 Million

Wrongful Death negligent security settlement where a concert goer was killed by security personnel.

Ride Share & Vehicle Crashes Results

$1.85 Million

NJ Wrongful Death settlement