Civil Rights Team

McEldrew Purtell's Civil Rights Team is a dedicated group established to safeguard the interests of clients and partners by conducting immediate investigations into violations of civil liberties.

We fight not only for fair and just compensation for our clients but will also make sure your case receives the public attention and support it deserves, to ensure that the fight for justice and equality in our country moves forward.

Meet the Team

John J. Coyle

John J. Coyle

Partner & Lead Trial Attorney

Mark V. Maguire

Mark V. Maguire


Jessica Gooding

Jessica Gooding


Our Expertise


Excessive Force

Even with police brutality at the forefront of the national discussion, the use of excessive force by American police continues to make headlines.


Wrongful Termination

Wrongfully discharged due to a case of unlawful employment discrimination or in retaliation for protected conduct.


Police Shootings

Police shootings have been dominating the news in recent months, but they’re not a new phenomenon. Not all victims and their families are recognized. Even fewer get justice.


Wrongful Convictions

4% to 6% of people in U.S. prisons are innocent but so few are able to be exonerated.

Referral Program

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Whether through joint representation or straight referral, McEldrew Purtell is your trusted partner in serving your client from start to finish.

Civil Rights Results

$7.5 Million

Settlement in an Illinois police shooting case.

$2 Million

Civil Rights Wrongful Death settlement.

$2 Million

Settlement for a Wrongful Death in Prison.

$2 Million

Settlement in a police shooting case.

$1.6 Million

Civil Rights settlement

$1.5 Million

Civil Rights settlement

$1.25 Million

Civil Rights settlement


Settlement for a woman struck during a police chase.