Stand Up Forklift / Reach Trucks

Stand-up Forklift Injury and Accident Lawsuit Attorneys

Stand-up forklifts are common in warehouses and other workplaces to move heavy materials. However, nearly 100 people are killed and another 20,000 are seriously injured in forklift-related accidents. In some cases, these avoidable injuries are due to poor training, defects, or issues of negligence.

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What Are the Issues with Stand-Up ForkLifts?

Stand-up forklifts make moving materials fast and can navigate small spaces while raising, lowering, and carrying heavy loads. Unfortunately, the design also makes stand-up forklifts vulnerable to hazards that could cause injuries or even death. It's also not just forklift operators who are impacted; they can also injure workers on foot and bystanders.

What Kind of Accidents Do Stand-Up Forklifts Cause?

Forklift overturns represent about 25% of forklift-related deaths. Other serious injuries include workers and bystanders being struck by a standing forklift due to negligence or poor training on the safety procedures. Beyond death, these injuries can range from minor to serious, with the debilitating consequences of loss of wages and expensive, long-term medical care.

Are Stand-Up Forklifts Defective?

In some cases, a standup forklift is defective based on the manufacturer’s failure to install specific safety features. For example, a third vertical safety post or missing operator restraints are all reasons the standup forklift may be defective. The machinery may also fail specific industry tests, including the weight load test and crash test.

Do I Have a Claim for a Stand-Up Forklift Lawsuit?

The legal team at McEldrew Purtell is experienced in dealing with stand-up forklift and other powered industrial truck (PIT)-related claims. Contact us today to discuss your potential stand-up forklift lawsuit and or if you would like to discuss co-counseling.