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CoVID-19, or the novel coronavirus, has upended life as we know it around the globe. Cases in the United States alone have topped 6.5 million, and we are rapidly approaching 200,000 deaths. As individuals and businesses continue to reel from the multiple impacts this pandemic has caused, there are unfortunately those who are taking advantage of the precarious times we live in, seeking only to make a profit at the expense of people’s livelihoods and lives.

Now is not the time to be focused only on the bottom line. Employees, consumers, and our elderly relatives all need protection now more than ever. The lawyers at McEldrew Purtell have a proven track record in defending those who seek justice and fair compensation for injuries or wrongdoing. If you have a coronavirus related legal question, contact us today.

Coronavirus Employee Protections

The coronavirus has wreaked havoc on employers and employees alike. If your employer is taking advantage of these unprecedented times, you may wonder what protections are available to you.

You may have legal recourse if your employer:

  • Failed to pay you for hours worked
  • Wrongfully terminated you
  • Failed to pay overtime

Many essential workers are exposed to a potential coronavirus infection due to the nature of their work. Increasingly, these employees are requesting hazard pay in addition to their normal salary. While hazard pay is not guaranteed, if you and your fellow employees feel unsafe because of exposure to CoVID-19, you should speak to a lawyer about advocating for hazard pay.

Outbreak of Coronavirus in Nursing Homes

Long before the coronavirus pandemic, nursing homes around the United States were struggling to control outbreaks of infectious diseases. In the past three years alone, 75% of nursing homes received a citation for failing to properly monitor and control infections. The coronavirus has compounded these issues, leading to deadly outbreaks inside of nursing homes that cost the lives of thousands of our vulnerable senior citizens.

Many nursing homes do not follow the simple guidelines from The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) that would slow the spread of diseases in their walls due to one single reason: time. Nursing homes are often short-staffed in an effort to save money, leading to staff members cutting corners and bypassing time-consuming procedures like proper handwashing.

No one should have to lose their loved one because a nursing home cared more about its bottom line than its residents. If your loved one has suffered due to an outbreak of coronavirus caused by negligence on the part of the staff or facility, you are not alone, and you may have legal recourse.

Coronavirus Price Gouging Lawsuits

We’ve all been there – you go to the store only to find it’s out of common essentials like hand sanitizer, paper towels, or cleaning supplies. While this is always a frustrating experience, what is even more frustrating is when stores or suppliers take advantage of these shortages and raise prices astronomically on previously inexpensive goods.

Price gouging is illegal, and highly unethical. Yet it is now all too common across our nation. Pennsylvania saw one week in March with over 1200 reports of excessive price gouging by retailers, the most in the nation. If you’ve experienced price gouging, you may wish to file a private claim, or join other consumers in a class action lawsuit.

Other Coronavirus Related Lawsuits

The examples listed above are just a few of the situations where you may need a lawyer due to the coronavirus. Other examples include:

  • Coronavirus refund refusal: You may be seeking a refund from a canceled flight, hotel, or gym membership. If you have a cancellation due to the coronavirus, and the company refuses to issue you a refund, you may have legal recourse.
  • Coronavirus business interruption insurance claims: Employees aren’t the only ones who need protection. Businesses have had to put their services on hold around the country, and may be seeking a business interruption insurance claim. If the insurance company is refusing to pay, contact a lawyer today.
  • Coronavirus whistleblower claims: If you speak up to expose dangerous practices by your employer in regards to COVID-19, you may be entitled to legal protection.

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