PCB in the Workplace

PCB Exposure in the Workplace

With the growing awareness of PCB exposure and the resulting health risks there is the increased concern about PCBs being present in the workplace. Some workplaces and jobs pose a higher risk of exposure than others so it is important to understand the potential and your rights should you be exposed. 

Potential PCB Exposure Related Workplaces:

  • Construction & demolition 

  • Power plants 

  • Transformer Technicians

  • Industrial plants & large buildings

  • Buildings being actively renovated that were built or previously renovated between 1930-1980

If you work in any of the above listed locations or jobs it is important to inquire about PCB testing prior to commencing any projects. 

It is your right to request information when suspecting the potential for PCB presence in the workplace. Larger buildings, plants, and complexes were often constructed or renovated with materials containing PCBs because they were both cost effective and were known to degrade slowly. 

To ascertain the presence of PCBs definitively, testing is the only reliable method. If uncertainty exists or there is a suspicion of PCBs, seeking professional assistance is strongly recommended.

Due to the toxic nature of materials containing PCBs, there are regulatory obligations when removing and disposing of  materials.  Adhering to these measures ensures the safety of both individuals and the environment.

When to Contact and Experienced Toxic Tort Lawyer

If you or a client suspect that you have been exposed in the workplace to PCBs and have experienced health-related issues you may be entitled to compensation. Toxic tort cases are highly complex and require only the most experienced lawyers to help you litigate your case. Contact McEldrew Purtell today to discuss your case in more detail.