$2 Million Settlement and Justice for Man Raped and Killed in Philly Prison

December 7, 2023

Armani Faison, 35, was incarcerated in Philadelphia's Currran-Fromhold Correctional Facility for a mere shoplifting charge when things took a heinous turn. Mr. Faison was placed in a cell with Kevin Massey who has a history of violence and sexual assault on his prior cellmates. The night he was placed in the cell with Massey, Armani was brutally attacked and ultimately murdered. Surrounding prisoners overheard Faison screaming for hours while he was brutalized without any intervention because the cell block was not staffed with a single guard. This is an example of a complete failure of leadership within the correction facility and is emblematic of the City's complete failure to maintain safe and civilized jails.

After their tragic loss and a grueling legal process, the family is finally seeing the city be held accountable for their neglect.  Armani's family and the City of Philadelphia entered into a $2 million settlement to resolve the pending federal civil rights lawsuit. McEldrew Purtell partner John Coyle, who represented Armani's family, stated: "Armani's death was a completely avoidable tragedy. This settlement allows the family to move forward and grieve the loss of their loved one while also sending a message to the City that the neglect shown to individuals in its custody must be addressed."