Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Truck Explosions

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The stakes are high when a compressed natural gas (CNG) truck is involved in any type of accident on the road. The driver, everyone else on the road, first responders, and innocent bystanders are all at risk for catastrophic injuries or death. 

CNG was once hailed as a revolutionary way to bridge the gap between sustainability and efficiency, all at an affordable price tag. But are the benefits worth the inherent risks? The rise of CNG-related accidents on the road and at work highlights the need for more stringent safety protocols, specialized investigations, and legal expertise to meet the demands of CNG complexities.

If you or your client was injured or impacted by a CNG truck explosion, it’s crucial to understand your rights and potential avenues to secure justice and fair compensation. Our experienced attorneys specializes in catastrophic injuries related to compressed natural gas accidents and can help guide victims through the unique intricacies of your claim.  

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Our Expertise

CNG Accident Investigations

Comprehensive Investigations: Our team delves deep into every detail of CNG truck accidents to uncover the truth and who is liable. We scrutinize the manufactureres, maintenance records, driver qualifications and training, first responder reports, and adherence to regulatory standards.

Regulatory Insight: Our compressed natural gas attorneys also have deep knowledge of the unique challenges, dangers, and CNG regulations that impact those involed with these types of accidents. We meticulously look through every potential safety violation and issue to examine your case.

Why CNG Accidents Demand Attention

CNG vehicles may have a reputation for their environmental friendliness but come with inherent risks due to their high-pressure gas and ability to quickly combust. The  consequences can be dire and may lead to severe injuries, painful burns, lifelong complications, or fatalities. These complex incidents require specialized knowledge and CNG legal expertise. 

The Increased Danger of CNG Accidents

Explosive Risk: Compressed natural gas, by nature, contains unique properties that heighten the risk for explosion. These types of accidents can be more devastating, financially and physically, than those involving traditional fuel vehicles that tend to burn slower.

Complex Investigations: You deserve legal counsel and a team of experts that understand the legal and technical aspects of CNG systems and how they contribute to some of our most dangerous accidents. 

McEldrew Purtell Specializes in CNG Accidents

We offer expertise in all types of compressed natural gas accidents, including: 

  • Explosions during refueling

  • Collisions leading to tank ruptures

  • Maintenance-related incidents

  • Defective CNG system components

  • and more

Understanding CNG Accident Causes

Through rigorous analysis and investigation, we identify the root causes of CNG accidents, which often include:

  • Inadequate vehicle safety standards 

  • Fault CNG components

  • Improper handling of CNG fuel

  • CNG maintenance issues

  • Driver error or lack of CNG handling training

  • Overlooking safety protocols during refueling

Compressed Natural Gas Accidents

Our firm has observed an uptick in CNG-related incidents in the tri-state region and beyond, which mirrors national trends. These devastating accidents highlight the critical need for stringent safety measures and robust legal strategies to address the aftermath of such incidents.

Protecting Your Rights After a CNG Accident

We know that the aftermath of a compressed natural gas accident can be overwhelming and devastating. Here are some ways you can protect yourself and prepare yourself for next steps:

  • Report the incident immediately and ensure a thorough investigation is conducted.

  • Document the scene and any injuries sustained.

  • Seek medical attention even if injuries are not immediately apparent.

  • Obtain any police or fire reports as available.

Consult with a legal expert specializing in CNG accidents to explore your compensation options.

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McEldrew Purtell’s dedicated team brings over 30 years of experience to the table, offering unmatched expertise in the realm of CNG accidents. We offer a tailored approach to the unique challenges of your case. We are committed to defending your rights and fighting for the justice and compensation you deserve. 

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