Products Liability Team

McEldrew Purtell’s Products Liability Team is dedicated to investigating current product recalls, legal updates, and ongoing lawsuits.

The chain of responsibility that follows dangerous and defective products from the market to the end user is complicated and slippery, and often counter-intuitive. But the U.S. has robust laws to protect consumer rights in all the ways they can be trampled.

Our team of trial lawyers have the tools necessary for unlocking the investigation and holding all responsible parties accountable to the fullest extent. Our fight does not stop there – our firm is dedicated to advocating for necessary changes towards effective regulatory and safety measures to prevent further injuries.

Meet the Team

Daniel N. Purtell

Daniel N. Purtell

Founding Partner & Lead Trial Attorney

Danielle L. Duffy

Danielle L. Duffy


Jessica Colehouse

Jessica Colehouse

Senior Paralegal

Sharon Davis

Sharon Davis


Jonathan D. Rubinstein

Jonathan D. Rubinstein


Our Expertise


Auto Defect Crashworthiness

Automobile manufacturers are required to go to great lengths to ensure that cars perform properly under normal driving conditions and protect occupants from serious injuries in a crash.


Button Battery Ingestion

If your child ingested a button battery and suffered a severe injury, a lawsuit against the manufacturer of the toy or device may be warranted.


Defective Power Tools Injury

Whether you are home using your power tools or in the workplace, accidents involving power tools can be extremely severe and lead to serious injury.


Defective Smoke Detector Injury

There is almost nothing more devastating than an accident that could have been prevented and our team is here to help you bring a defective product claim against the smoke alarm manufacturer.


Defective Tires

If you have been in a car accident due to a defective tire and were injured as a result, you may need the help of a defective tire lawyer.


Fire & Damages Linked to AmazonBasic Products

Over the past four years, over 70 AmazonBasics items have been reported as hazardous by consumers.


Fisher-Price Rock ’n’ Play Sleeper Defective Product

Fisher Price has recalled 4.7 million Rock n’ Play Sleepers and warned consumers against using it. The massive recall comes after 32 infants tragically lost their life since 2011.


Rollaway Injury

Several lawsuits have now been brought against Jaguar for their Range Rover/Land Rover models that utilize a rotary gear shifting knob.

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