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Toxic Tort cases are often complex and require extensive research and expert collaboration. Our team is uniquely positioned to handle a variety of Toxic Tort litigations because we also specialize in Product Liability and Premises Liability cases. With 30 years of experience, the Toxic Tort team will conduct a comprehensive investigation in order to hold those responsible accountable for the injuries caused. We understand that these cases may include multiple responsible parties and will leave no stone unturned until our clients receive justice.

Our award-winning team of Toxic Tort attorneys has what it takes to secure the maximum compensation you or your client deserves.

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Daniel N. Purtell

Daniel N. Purtell

Founding Partner & Lead Trial Attorney

Colin S. Haviland

Colin S. Haviland

Managing Attorney

Jessica Colehouse

Jessica Colehouse

Senior Paralegal

Jonathan D. Rubinstein

Jonathan D. Rubinstein


Our Expertise



Asbestos-related illnesses often take 20-50 years to develop, which means most cases diagnosed in the U.S. were caused by asbestos exposures that occurred before modern safety regulations came into effect.



A colorless liquid which evaporates quickly, benzene exposure can come from both cigarette smoke and exposure in fields like dry cleaning and manufacturing.


Legionnaires’ Disease

Legionnaires’ disease is caused by a water-borne bacterium that can be transmitted through air conditioning and showers.


Monsanto Roundup Weed Killer

In 2019, Monsanto was ordered to pay $2 billion in damages for its cancer-causing weed killer in a single case; 5,000 similar cases await adjudication.


Pediatric Lead Poisoning

According to the CDC, at least 4 million households currently have children living in them who are being exposed to high levels of lead.


Popcorn Lung

Exposure to high levels of the chemical which gives microwave popcorn its buttery, rich taste can cause popcorn lung, a rare but lethal form of non-reversible obstructive lung disease.


Food Contamination

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 48 million Americans, or roughly one in every six people in the U.S., suffer from a foodborne illness every year. Of these, 128,000 will require hospitalization and 3,000 will die.


Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

The NFPA reports that fire departments respond to approximately 60,000 CO exposures per year in the U.S. Most of which go undetected, until it is too late.

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